Posted by: pizzlor | July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

Just saw the Dark Knight with Lordikyiky and Ayelovett.

The movie rocked my balls off. It was far and away the best superhero movie thus far. It had action, suspense, drama, some love, some moral messages, and fucking Heath Ledger. Goddamn, that guy was scary.

Here’s hoping for a third one, but with Heath Ledger’s untimely death, I really am not sure what they will do for a third film (Ras’aghul again or The Penguin?!?!??).

Tl;dr Go fucking see the Dark Knight.

My face if you dont see the Dark Knight

My face if you dont see the Dark Knight




  1. I saw it last night with Leah, and she said that there probably won’t be a third one…Obviously because of Ledger’s untimely demise, but also due to the dearth of villains – Two Face is dead, and Scarecrow has been reduced to a waif-ish smack-peddler. I’d like to see a Batman movie with a QUALITY Penguin portrayal (he was my second favorite villain as a kid, second only to Two Face), but Leah said she doesn’t think Christian Bale will be doing it as he’s in the new Terminator flick (although I beg to differ, with that idiot Brendan Frazier starring in, hello, two movies opening soon? wtf is that shit?). I’m pretty sure she said something about the writer hopping ship, too…
    But God, could you imagine if Ledger HADN’T died, and they HAD decided to make a third one, with Kate Beckinsale as Harlee Quinn?

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