Posted by: pizzlor | July 21, 2008

First it was Shadow with Guns, now Sonic with a SWORD!?!?

A little late on this, but I want to express my unbridled rage at the fact that SEGA is driving Sonic even further into the ground.

Fucking disgusting isn't it?

Fucking disgusting isn't it?

I first found this image while lurking on the /v/ board of 4chan and was fucking pissed that it was true, when Kotaku posted an article a few hours later.

Now, Sonic has been on a downhill slide since Sonic Adventure 2, but this is the final nail in the coffin. I grew up as a Sonic man instead of liking the fat, Italian plumber that is Mario, but it seems like the war will finally be over. Unless Bioware’s Sonic RPG rocks my nuts completely off my body, its over.

At least for me it is. Thanks SEGA for destroying my fucking childhood videogame icon.





  1. That’s what virtual console is for 🙂

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