Posted by: ayelovett | July 22, 2008

Apple is at it again…

While MobileMe is built into the Mac, making syncing a breeze, this isn’t true for Windows.  In order to change this, Apple has apparently decided to include MobileMe as part of the iTunes 7.7 update.  This comes as a surprise after Apple met so much opposition when they tried to install Safari 3 on Windows computers through their software update.  

I’m a huge fan of Apple, but installing something inside of an update like iTunes just seems to go too far.




  1. It’s turning into the Realplayer of a few years ago…I’m frankly pretty upset about the iTunes Windows prospect, because when I build The Beast it would be nice to just throw my iTunes library on the external and reference it from my Mac and my Beast…And I REALLY don’t Safari and all the other Apple shit clogging up Vista.

  2. I don’t think they’ll ever get as bad as Realplayer, but MobileMe is the only thing to worry about, Safari is optional, but hopefully Apple will realize the error of their ways with the Windows side.

  3. Apple still installs that Bonjour crap which is like a constant running process

  4. I don’t even use that damn thing, and I have a Mac!

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