Posted by: ayelovett | July 22, 2008

Facebook changes?

After hearing a comment from Pizzlor about the appearance of Facebook changing, I looked into it a little bit, and discovered that Facebook and Myspace are going live with new looks.  Facebook’s primary goal is to “reduce clutter” that accumulates on the profile pages during the summer, and to make it easier for users to find single pictures since many people don’t post pictures in albums.   

According to the article Facebook made the change yesterday, but my page hasn’t changed a bit.  Hopefully this works out well, but all I’ve heard about this is balancing issues. =/




  1. They’re implementing the changes in waves…Such and such a number of people every so often are getting a message next to the notification ghost-icon at the bottom of the page that says “Try the New Facebook!” and clicking the link will implement the structural and mechanical changes.

  2. In addition to what Andrew said, I think it goes out to certain networks first

  3. This is likely, although they’re doing away with networks as a whole :\
    We’ll retain ours because we’re grandfathered in, but new users won’t have the opportunity to add a network at sign-up, and we won’t be able to edit our networks.

  4. I just got it!

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