Posted by: pizzlor | July 31, 2008

Code Geass

Well, I guess my first post on Code Geass will be about what has happened so far, so all 5 of you reading this can predict my future reactions to the various twists in Code Geass.

Lets start out with what has made me RAGE HARD in R2 so far.

1) Shirley’s death. Yeah, she didn’t do much, but holy shit, did she deserve to die? Fuck no! She was an idiot, but hell, she did not deserve to get ganked by Rolo using his time hacks. This leads to my next point…

2) Fuck Rolo. Goddamn him. At first, I pitied him for being used to spy on Lelouch and his brotherly, albeit pretty gay, feelings towards Lulu that developed as a result. And then he killed Shirley. And acts like an asshole. I can’t wait until his inevitable death.

3) Suzaku. Because he is Suzaku. Although, I did like what CLAMP did with his character in that he starts to parallel Lulu in that he will use almost any method to reach the end. It is a nice change of pace from his White Knight gig, but he still sucks.

4) Kallen getting put on the backburner and thus less cool Guren versus Knights action. They need to rescue her now before Suzaku gets in her pants.

Now, I will counter my rage (before I have an aneurysm), by listing what I have liked so far.

1) Fuck yeah, moe C.C.. I preferred the old C.C. better, but this is a nice change of pace.

2) The homosexual undertones between Lelouch and Suzaku has virtually disappeared, but that is only because they are generally not together anymore. Maybe, just maybe, Lelouch can finally get some poontang from one of the women in his harem.

Come on Lulu, you cannot deny that ass

Come on Lulu, you cannot deny that ass

3) Moar political intrigue. I liked the whole stuff with China, and how the balleless council wanted to overthrow Tianzi. The United States of Japan is a little over the top for my tastes, but two fighting world powers seems like a good way to extend the life of the series.

4) HIGH SCHOOL STUFF IS OVER! Fuck yes,  no more crazy, high school shenanigans. Finally, the plot can progress forward.

Overall, R2 has been worse than R1, but it has potential. Shit is hitting the fan currently, and the flow of shit is picking up speed. If the spoilers are to be believed, these next episodes could be epic (in Geass terms anyways).



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