Posted by: ayelovett | August 1, 2008

Cowboy Bebop Live Action Film?

While I am excited about more Cowboy Bebop content, I don’t think I can stand the idea of one of my favorite anime series becoming a live action film.  While they claim that their first and foremost concern is the faithfulness to the tone of the anime, it’s just hard for me to believe that it’s going to be done well with live action.  I am afraid this is going to becoming a major trend with the recent news surrounding the Dragonball movie, and Spielburg working on a live action Ghost in the Shell movie.  

 With these movies, I am torn between wanting them to do well, and wanting  them to bomb.  If they bomb, hopefully producers would just give up, and our  other favorite anime series would be saved.

 On the other hand if they do well, it could bring more people into anime,  and good movies aren’t something I’m going to complain about.  I’m more afraid  that this could cause more and more producers to think this is a good idea, and  try to change the image of some of my favorite anime series.



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