Posted by: pizzlor | August 2, 2008

Moving Time

Ah, another semester over at Georgia Tech, and another hit to my GPA.

Yes, I am adding at least two more C’s to my repetoire with a third probably on the way. Now, I get to do damage control and figure out how to either A) get HOPE back or B) get the most money out of HOPE before I lose it.

Strategies to obtain this goal:

1) Keep the same, 17 hour schedule I have now and work harder (fuck working hard).

2) Dropping one or two classes and replacing them with two easier classes to up my GPA (still around 17 hours of class, so maybe)

3) Dropping two classes to put my schedule down to 12 or 14 hours to keep me below the 60 hour checkmark. This would make it so HOPE wouldn’t be checked until the end of the spring semester, giving me another 17 hours to bring up my GPA. At worst, I would get one more semester out of the lottery-buying citizens of Georgia. (probably the best one; but I would make fun of someone who took such a lazy schedule).

Fun shit to think about. On happier terms though, I will be leaving Georgia Tech for my summer break, which is 2 WEEKS LONG FUCK YEAH!! And then, I will be back at GT for the fall semester. Yes, 5 straight semesters of Georgia Tech and I havent killed myself. Thought about it, but haven’t done it.

On second thought, maybe I will go buy some Draino.


Gif related; I am the guy, GT is the floor

Gif related; I am the guy, GT is the floor


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