Posted by: ayelovett | August 22, 2008

Intel Predicts a Complete Human Computer Connection by 2050

In his keynote yesterday, the Intel CTO talked about some research going on at Intel into human-machine interfaces, and said that promising changes could come much sooner than previously expected.  While I find this to be great, there was one thing that made me a little worried, and that was his comment about how “machines could even overtake humans in their ability to reason, in the not so distant future.”  having a robot to talk to could be pretty awesome, but we don’t want them to take over…

I, Robot anyone? 😛

Other than that I find the wireless power idea to be awesome.  I would love to not have to search for a power outlet when I need to charge my laptop, or other devices like my iPod.  

The article also talks about programable matter that would change it’s shape based on what you needed. The example they used was a Mobile computer that would fit in your pocket, but would change into an earpiece for your phone, or a screen and keyboard for watching movies, or browsing the internet.  This seems a bit far-fetched but awesome anyways.



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