It’s fun.  You should play it.

Members of the Matt Cave will be competing in the GT Gamefest Fall 2008.  We’re hoping to move up a round in the bracket this year….which is to say we hope to win at least one game 🙂



  1. Let me just add a disclaimer to this little featurette here.
    DotA is NOT recommended for those who have or are afflicted by severe aggression/anger issues, impatience, an easily disturbed Quan, issues clicking in correct portions of a screen, poor communication skills, poor teamworking skills, poor memorization skills, diarrhea, fondness of in-game chat (excepting of course for lulz and taunting), susceptibility to lulz and taunting, a misunderstanding of the terms “Tank” “n00b” or other internet lingo, ADD/ADHD, AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, mumps, measles, depression, or a need to feel satisfied after the completion of a video game.

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